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Dallas Based Litigation Firm with a National Presence

Strategy, teamwork, diversity, and superior performance are in Founding Partner Amy M. Stewart’s DNA from her experience as a former NCAA Division I collegiate athlete and basketball coach. As a client of Stewart Law Group, you can count on the same focus, drive, and collaboration when we work with you.

Stewart Law Group PLLC focuses on delivering successful outcomes for clients involved with commercial, product liability, insurance, employment, and labor disputes.

Our client-centric approach:

  • Understand the client’s dispute and its business ramifications
  • Strategize plans to efficiently resolve the dispute
  • Execute, Reevaluate, Execute

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A Diverse Perspective

Certified as a minority and women-owned firm by the National Association of Women and Minority Owned Law Firms, Stewart Law Group PLLC brings a culturally diverse perspective to the legal practice. Real diversity is unapologetically inclusive, values people from different walks of life, and empowers everyone to be involved. It illuminates our blind spots and expands our peripheral vision.

Having a diverse perspective allows Stewart Law Group PLLC to attack every obstacle focused on surpassing the client’s litigation objectives and business expectations.